Realizations and projects to Cheissoux

You will discover in this column the projects which we have promised to lead, according to their realization.

Work already completed and planned work

- At the end of 2018 the municipality acquired the house of Mme ROUDIER to allow the installation of a new family, which brings to 5 the number of rental units

- Increase in speed of the internet service by fiber optic

- Development of the Place of the Chapel

- Naming of lanes and numbering of houses to allow the more effective intervention of emergency services and delivery’s

- Extinction of the street lighting between midnight and 6 hours

- Creation of a COLUMBARIUM in the cemetery

- The new chipping boiler, more powerful and more autonomous, has allowed the networking of 2 housing units realized by the Association of local authorities in the House GIRAUD

- The alteration work of the former city hall allowed the extension of the multi-purpose hall, made even more pleasant and more functional thanks to the realization of a veranda. Available to rent for your family and private parties

- The burial works of the electricity and phone networks of the Village, realized in 4 parts as well as the renovation of the pipelines of drinkable water supply, were finished in 2015. The Village of Villemonteix benefited from these burials in 2018.

- The facades of the city hall found a second youth

- A defibrillator has been installed in the multi-purpose hall