Municipal life

Elected for 6 years the City Council consists of 11 local councillors in charge of the administration of the municipality.

City hall of Cheissoux

Within them, they elected the mayor and 3 assistants responsible for particular domains.

The City Council meets at least once a quarter and more as and whenever necessary, according to the evolution of files and projects.

Here, in this small corner of Limousin, we show an authentic will in the direction of the welcome. This theme is considered one of the major axes of the local development; not only as an answer to the composed demographic problem but also as a prospect for the preservation even the development of activities.

Here, we insist on the aspect reasonable and reasoned by the projects in the objective of sustainable installations. It is necessary, undoubtedly that it comes along with patience, with tolerance and with shared will.

For several years already, large-scale projects were born to answer these requirements.

Without chronology nor exhaustive character, we can quote:

  • Purchase and renovation of buildings to favor the installation of families…
  • Numerous works are realized in state control by the municipal team.
  • Successive school consolidations.
  • Development of the wood industry energy.
  • Support for the installation of a naturist campsite with international dimension.

Thus here, a concerted action in the respect and the interest of the people and the environment.

Finally, a membership without reserve and a leading implication in the intermunicipal structures (Association of local authorities, Country, regional Natural reserve), strong links of the future of territories.